Why TaxBitA modern technology platform to power digital assets tax and accounting

Designed by CPAs & tax attorneys

When it comes to Form 1099 issuances and tax form filings, it's a zero-error game.

Seamless integration

APIs integrate easily and intuitively with any native platform, enabling instant automation and optimization.

Trusted by the industry

Partnering with and servicing many of the industry's most reputable exchanges.

Privacy & security focused

Independently SOC2 certified. We agonize over the safety of your data.

Intelligent optimization

Smart tax and spending tools synthesize billions of data points in service of our users making better decisions.

Trusted by the authorities

Working with some of the largest regulatory agencies around the world.

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Year-round tax and portfolio management

TaxBit's easy-to-navigate platform aggregates data across 500+ exchange, wallets, DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and more for FREE.

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List of asset allocation with across multiple coins with current exchange amounts in US dollars
Enterprise Tax

Modern Form 1099 reporting and tax compliance

Tax form automation for all your users, compliance and intelligence, tax and spend optimization, and real-time support that scales with your business.

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Dashboard view of all assets, transactions, and account preferences for a selected tax year
Enterprise Accounting

The ERP subledger solution for digital assets

We provide a technology-first approach to accounting for your digital assets. Whether you need bookkeeping, GAAP or IFRS reporting, our industry-leading platform streamlines it all. Your company can now incorporate the most up-to-date, strategic data into its decision-making processes.

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Graph showing volume of assets from the current year compared to a previous year (selectable)

Regulatory compliance of digital assets at scale

Automated data analysis, tax calculations, and examination support for regulatory bodies and entities.

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Customer Success

Real people. With real expertise. Solving real problems.

If you need us, we're here. We've assembled a team supported by CPAs, tax attorneys, and tax specialists with deep expertise in compliance, data security, tax strategy and optimization, and digital assets accounting.

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The Data

Designed to Scale

5M +

taxpayers supported


integrated exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and more


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Access the only free option with unlimited transactions for crypto tax reporting.

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One platform for digital assets tax information reporting and corporate accounting.


The trusted provider of regulatory digital assets compliance at scale.