About Us

TaxBit was founded with the mission of helping cryptocurrency become mainstream by making it possible to easily comply with government tax regulations.

There are few topics less understood and intimidating than cryptocurrency and taxation. To add to the anxiety, the IRS has been vocal about the consequences of failing to report cryptocurrency transactions, and news sources such as the Wall Street Journal have published articles with titles such as “Do you own Bitcoin? If so, the IRS is coming for you.”

TaxBit was founded by the perfect trio of CPAs, tax attorneys, and software developers, with the goal of making an incredibly complex task simple. TaxBit is a leader, backed by VCs, in the cryptocurrency taxation space. No longer do individuals need to worry about the nuances of cryptocurrency taxation. During bull markets, TaxBit makes sure that individuals pay only what they owe in taxes, and not a dollar more, thus eliminating any fear about the IRS coming down on them. During bear markets, TaxBit will help its users generate tax deductions and refunds. TaxBit gives its users peace of mind knowing that all of their cryptocurrency taxation matters are being handled the correct way. TaxBit has you covered.

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