Gemini Selects TaxBit for 2021 Tax Information Reporting and Free Tax Forms to All Its US Users

Gemini has joined the TaxBit Network to give its users access to FREE 2021 tax forms through TaxBit. Gemini also partnered with TaxBit for 2021 tax information reporting and delivery of Forms-1099 MISC. Learn more.

By: Michelle O'Connor

VP of Brand & Communications

Published on:

TaxBit, the leading tax and accounting software provider for the tokenized economy, recently announced the launch of TaxBit Network—the first-of-its-kind network to provide free 2021 cryptocurrency tax forms to all users of supported TaxBit Network companies.

We're proud to announce that Gemini is now a supported TaxBit Network company.

Historically, the process of generating cryptocurrency tax forms cost individuals anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year depending on whether they used do-it-yourself software or enlisted an accountant. The TaxBit Network eliminates this barrier to mainstream digital asset adoption; every user of a supported TaxBit Network company receives free, accurate 2021 tax forms. 

All Gemini and Gemini Earn users now can access a free TaxBit account to simplify the crypto tax reporting process.

Create your free TaxBit account here.

Gemini users can link their account to TaxBit—along with any other TaxBit Network exchange accounts—to a central location. Once you select a tax lot selection method, you can produce a free Form 8949 which will determine the total crypto gains or losses that need to be reported on Form 1040.

To learn more, check out this recent blog post on Gemini.

Gemini also partnered with TaxBit to automate 2021 tax information reporting and delivery of Forms-1099 MISC. 

About TaxBit 

Designed by CPAs and tax attorneys, TaxBit is the leading tax and accounting solution for the tokenized economy. Our platform unifies digital assets tax and accounting across enterprises, consumers, and governments at scale. 

Our software, tax experts, and excellent customer service can help you solve and subvert roadblocks with new compliance protocols or reporting issues. Our customers include industry-leading exchanges, protocols, and TradFi’s along with retail consumers looking for best-in-class software. TaxBit supports 500+ cryptocurrency sources via API and CSV upload. Customers filing as individuals can consolidate cryptocurrency data across any platform within the TaxBit Network.

TaxBit raised over $230 million from the world's-top investors in order to enable widespread digital asset adoption by automating the regulatory hurdles of tax and accounting compliance at scale. Our headquarters are in Salt Lake City and Seattle, and we’ve recently announced the expansion of our US presence with a Washington DC office.

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