Meet TaxBit Team Member, Tuyen Altmiller

Here at TaxBit, we're constantly adding team members to give you an outstanding customer experience. And we'd like to give you a chance to get to know us better.

At TaxBit, every employee brings a unique perspective and skillset. 

In our TaxBit Team Spotlight Series, we’ll get to know the team members behind our success. 

This week, we’d like to highlight Tuyen Altmiller, Recruiting Coordinator at TaxBit

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Oregon when I was about 18-months-old. I studied Japanese from kindergarten through most of high school. I was on my high school dance team, and had the opportunity to dance during the Holiday Bowl halftime show and perform in the Big Bay Balloon Parade. 

You might not know that I planned my wedding in seven weeks! My now-husband ended up landing a job here in Utah. I made the snap decision to get married before our move. It was either get married on our original date and do all the planning from afar, or get married right away and have my mom’s help.

We got married in my church where I grew up, and managed to have about 140 guests attend the wedding with only two weeks' notice. I don’t recommend this route; it’s very stressful. Then again, there wasn't a prolonged planning period, which was super nice.

Q: What made you choose TaxBit?

I chose TaxBit because I thought working in a start-up environment would be very different from previous jobs I’ve had. I’m a growth-oriented person, and TaxBit offered me the chance to progress my career and drive impact by hiring the best talent. The best part of my job is being part of the hiring process and extending offers to candidates.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at TaxBit?

My favorite part is the people at TaxBit; I get to work cross-functionally with every department. I sit on the Recruiting team and schedule interviews across the organization, which allows me opportunities to build relationships with everyone. The caliber of talent across the business at TaxBit is unmatched.

Q: What interests you most about the digital asset space?

I wasn’t super familiar with the digital asset space prior to joining TaxBit, but it’s exciting to see the growth that happens day-to-day. I get to participate in a booming industry that’s part of the future.

Q: What are some of your favorite activities outside of work?

I love to bake, improve my cooking skills, play with my two puppies, play video games with my husband, read, watch movies, or binge watch a good TV show.

Q: What is an item on your bucket list?

I would love to take a year-long, all-expenses-paid vacation to fly first class and explore the world.

Speed Round

Favorite movie: It’s a tie between Crazy Rich Asians and Inside Out.

Go-to karaoke song: I don’t do karaoke, I’m a horrible singer. 

Favorite food: Homemade Pho! I’m Vietnamese, so this is by far my favorite food. 

Current Netflix or streaming binge: Dear White People on Netflix

Pets I own: I have two dogs—an Aussiedoodle named Bandit and a Goldendoodle named Harlow. Harlow is named after the place where my husband and I met.

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