TaxBit Hires Stripe and Meta Engineering Leaders as CTO and VP Engineering as it Plans to Hire 100+ More Engineers

CTO and VP of Engineering join Taxbit at HQ2

By: Michelle O'Connor

VP of Brand & Communications

Published on:

Today, TaxBit, the leading tax and accounting software provider for the tokenized economy, announces two key executive hires – Tramale Turner, previously Head of Seattle Engineering and site lead at Stripe, and Vivek Garg, previously Director of Engineering at Meta.

Turner joins TaxBit as its Chief Technology Officer to lead its rapid expansion. Prior to joining TaxBit, Turner was Stripe's Seattle Engineering Hub Lead, where he focused on core infrastructure and compliance and led a campus of 1,000+ employees. Garg joins TaxBit as its VP of Engineering. Prior to joining TaxBit, Garg led large engineering teams at Meta and Microsoft.

"The mission of driving mainstream adoption of digital assets resonates with me," said Garg. "For the next 100M users to hop on board, compliance and regulation need to just work across Enterprise, government, and consumer offerings worldwide. And TaxBit is building the most exciting platform solutions to bring this to fruition." 

"I joined TaxBit for the rare opportunity to innovate in a novel space and make a critical impact that exceeds our customers' expectations, partners, and even ourselves," said Turner.

Since its launch in 2018, TaxBit has quickly grown to become the industry-leading Tax and Accounting solutions provider for the tokenized economy. With Enterprise across the cryptocurrency, DeFi, TradFi, and Regulatory landscape, the startup hit unicorn status in 2021, securing 235M in funding while more than tripling headcount and opening multiple offices across the US, including the recent launch of its DC office focused on Public Sector.

"TaxBit has a great product-market fit with a talented set of folks and a strong desire to build a world-class engineering team to realize the opportunity. It became obvious that the space to learn is huge, and the opportunity to create an impact is large," said Turner and Garg.

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