The IRS Extends the Tax Payment and Filing Deadline

Deadline to file tax forms.

By: Justin Woodward

Crypto Tax Attorney

Published on:

Due to the disruptions of COVID-19 ("Coronavirus"), the IRS announced that they are giving taxpayers an additional 90 days to pay and file their tax bill. This extends the deadline for 2019 taxes owed and filings to July 15, 2020.It is important to note that this 90 day extension now applies to tax filings and tax payments. However, most taxpayers who file will receive a tax refund, incentivizing filing before the deadline.TaxBit is here for you in order to help automate and prepare your cryptocurrency tax forms. These tax forms can be seamlessly uploaded into popular tax filing softwares, or passed off to your accountant who can then incorporate the forms into your full tax return. Our support team is available to help you should you have any questions or need assistance.Stay safe, stay healthy, and get your tax refund processed!

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