Pricing for the crypto ecosystem

Build better products, make better decisions, and enable compliance with accurate crypto asset and exchange pricing data necessary to support your business accounting and finance needs.

Auditor Approved

Transparent and auditable pricing

Have confidence in your pricing data knowing that each data point is traceable and auditable.

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Powerful Insights

Accounting’s data service

Pricing support for period-end valuations including fair value measurements, and impairment analysis.

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Modernized API

Custom and complete data collection

Powerful and automated API delivers accurate real-time pricing for target principal markets and assets.

Workflow Integration
Extensive Reach

Coverage for what you need

Industry-leading coverage for the markets and assets you care about today, easily extended to support future needs or market movements.

Extensive Network of Data Points
Tailor Your Solution

Easily access the data your care about

Simplify your pricing and analysis by only focusing on the data you care about and ignoring the rest.

Selection of principal markets