Trust your DAC7 Compliance to a compliance firm

DAC7 compliance for online platforms and marketplaces can be challenging to scale and meet reporting requirements across EU tax authorities. 

Simplify your compliance, our modern approach to compliance automates information collection and validation from onboarding to XML file generation and delivery - enabling you to stay compliant with an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Key Benefits

Complete data collection integrated into your current platform for a seamless Seller & Customer experience

Direct integration to VIES VAT validation to increase accuracy and ease reporting to EU Authorities

All-in-one tax and compliance reporting suite, to navigate EU and US regulations in a single location

DAC7 Features

Achieve DAC7 Compliance Quickly at Scale

Keep driving value for your platform or marketplace while ensuring DAC7-compliance for both EU-based platforms and those transacting with EU sellers. Effortlessly capture reporting data, automate data monitoring, and generate the necessary reports within just a few clicks.

Seamless Data Collection

Smooth integration for all new and existing sellers, regardless of their location. With TaxBit all essential reportable data required under DAC7 is collected - all under your brand's identity, while TaxBit works seamlessly in the background.

Transform End-of-Year Reporting

Save time and money by automating DAC7 reporting and replace time-consuming processes and tedious XML programming tasks. With TaxBit you can:

  • Manage all four income-generating activity types.

  • Automatically determine eligible sellers 

  • Produce end-of-year reports to regulators and sellers effortlessly

Our Offering

Effortless Customer Data Collection

Easily collect DAC7 customer data for new and existing customers and automatically validate VAT numbers with the EU Regulators.

End-of-Year Tax Reports

XML reports tailored for EU tax authorities ensuring hassle-free submission

Recipient Copies for Sellers

Automatic creation of seller-reports to stay compliant while giving your sellers visibility over the information reported to the EU tax authorities.

Compliance Visibility

View real-time customer, income, and compliance data throughout the year to ensure tax season readiness

One Platform

Navigate all of your global tax compliance requirements through the TaxBit Dashboard

Seamless End User Experience

Integrate and customize the collection tool directly into your application for a cohesive user experience.

US Compliance

US Regulations? We’ve Got You Covered!

Satisfy tax and information reporting regulations across the EU and US in one robust platform.

Learn about IRS Compliance