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Tax Reporting & Withholding Conference

Catch TaxBit’s VP of Tax, Erin Fennimore on the Implementing Cost Basis for Digital Assets and CARF Panel. Taxbit’s sponsoring lunch on Day One.

Our VP of Tax, Erin Fennimore on a panel with Jill Dymtrow, Gemini, Cyrus Daftary, KPMG. Our team will be on the ground during the conference, and we’re here to answer all your digital assets tax and accounting questions. 

Erin Fennimore

VP of Tax Solutions

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About the Speaker

Erin Fennimore

VP of Tax Solutions

Erin Fennimore is the VP of Tax Solutions at TaxBit. She leads the expansion of tax software solutions in emerging and ever-changing crypto markets, both domestically and abroad, and helps scale TaxBit’s information reporting.

Erin brings over 10 years of expertise and experience in the area of information reporting and withholding. Prior to joining TaxBit, she led the Global Tax Reporting group at Moss Adams, where she focused on the private equity and venture capital sector, as well as advising multinational corporations and financial institutions on compliance with information reporting and withholding regulations.

Erin also worked at IHS Markit—formerly Compliance Technologies International—where she designed, tested, and implemented tax software solutions for tax due diligence, withholding, and information reporting.

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