TaxBit Makes it Easy to Track and File your Crypto Taxes with BlockFi

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Importing a BlockFi CSV into TaxBit


TaxBit and BlockFi offer a uniquely beneficial API integration, that will enable you to generate the most accurate possible tax form for your reporting requirements. We do not recommend using CSV data to populate your TaxBit account unless there is a specific reason that the integration will not work.

Click HERE to follow along with a detailed guide for exporting BlockFi CSVs.

If you need to export your CSV from BlockFi, you can do so with the following instructions.

From your BlockFi account:

  1. Navigate to the Reports page

  2. Download your Trading and Transaction History reports for the time period you would like to review

Automated syncing with BlockFi API and TaxBit


If you have multiple TaxBit accounts, we recommend opening your TaxBit account in your browser and going to the settings page, and selecting Log Out before you begin this process.

Click HERE to follow along with a detailed guide for connecting the BlockFi API. BlockFi and TaxBit have partnered together to provide a unique, and seamless connection between both accounts. Linking your TaxBit account can provide the BlockFi Tax Center any missing data needed to fill in your Asset's Cost Basis.

  1. Open the Tax Center page

  2. Scroll down and select Link your TaxBit account (or Sign up for TaxBit if you have not already registered)

  3. Login to TaxBit (You may skip this step if you are already logged in)

Once you've logged in, you will see a confirmation message back on your BlockFi account that the link was successful.

Congratulations! Your BlockFi account and TaxBit account are now linked. Your transactions on BlockFi will immediately show up on TaxBit, and there is no need to manually sync your transactions.