Connecting with Uphold

TaxBit Makes it Easy to Track and File your Crypto Taxes with Uphold

  CSV Support  

Importing a Uphold CSV into TaxBit

  1. On Uphold, hover over the circular icon at the top right and click API Management.

  2. To create a new API key, type in a label (it can be anything) in the text box at the top, then click Create.

  3. Go through the authentication prompts, and then you will see your new API key. Copy your API key and secret now — you won't be able to see your secret key again.

  4. Click Edit restrictions and Uncheck 'Enable Spot & Margin Trading' and Enable Withdrawals'. Leave "Can Read" checked.

  5. Set IP access restrictions to Unrestricted.

  6. Click Save to save your API settings. Copy your API key and secret to TaxBit.