Bittrex Full History Import

Bittrex to TaxBit Data Transformer

The Bittrex API only delivers transactions for the last 30 days (a 30 day rolling window). In order to import your Bittrex transactions that fall outside of this window you will need to manually export your transaction data from Bittrex before importing it into TaxBit.

Download Bittrex History

First log into your Bittrex account and click on the Orders page.

Hit the Download History Now button and then select a year.

This will download a CSV file containing your Bittrex transaction history for that year. You must import a transaction history file for each year you have been a Bittrex customer in order for us to properly calculate your taxes.

CSV Upload

Next, go to the TaxBit CSV import page, then select and upload your fullOrders.csv file!

You will receive an email notification after uploading that will tell you if your upload was successful. If it wasn't successful, the email will contain the error that the file had so you can correct it and try uploading the file again.

All past Bittrex transactions will now be displayed in your account, and your future transactions will come in via Bittrex’s API, if the API is connected.

Important Note:

Depending on the size of your CSV file processing time could take up to 1 hour. Please do not attempt to upload your CSV file again during this time or you risk creating duplicates. If it’s been over an hour and you have still not yet received an email confirmation please contact us.