Cryptocurrency tax forms in minutes, for Gemini Users

Gemini as part of the TaxBit Network, is providing you with a seamless experience to receive your tax forms for free through TaxBit.

Step 1: Connect your Gemini account with a TaxBit account (new or existing)

Step 2: Export forms to TurboTax or other tax filing software or download your completed 8949 tax forms.

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Compliant Tax Filings

Free, easy, and ready to file

No more hassle when it’s time to file. Download your completed tax forms 8949 for free and export to TurboTax or a tax service of choice.

Customer Support

Support when you need it

We are here to help you should you need it. From email support to online tutorials we want to make this easy!

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Easily file your taxes

Export to TurboTax or preferred tax filing software

Export capabilities with Intuit TurboTax and other tax filing software to make filing your taxes even easier and faster. And downloads are always available if necessary.

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Get started with TaxBit and Gemini. Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to digital assets taxes.