TaxBit Tax Center

Streamline end-user experience with on-demand access to all digital assets Information Reporting and portfolio performance.

Give your end-users the most accurate data analysis and crypto tax support through personalized dashboards hosted on your website. 

Real-time insights in one location helping users easily navigate their tax obligations, potentially increase their tax refund, and enjoy an exceptional in-app experience.

Tax Center Features

Real-time Insights

Increase customer engagement and platform usage with the latest data analytics

Powered by Taxbit’s real-time API, Tax Center immediately displays real-time gain/loss, cost basis, portfolio performance, and tax-optimized trading opportunities in one view 24/7.

Users can generate on-demand gain/loss tax forms (1099-DA & -MISC), income reports, and performance statements with a single click to take control of their portfolios and file their crypto taxes more easily.

Tax Optimization

Portfolio Optimization with Tax Loss Harvesting

End-users can navigate tax losses in real-time when crypto markets are down. Users can see which lots to sell, to offset capital gains and immediately rebuy throughout the year.

Plus, users can leverage the Digital Assets Education Center to learn more about relevant topics like Tax Loss Harvesting, Wash Sale Rules, Crypto Tax Rules, and more.

End-User Information Reporting

Powerful crypto data analysis and performance tools in one view

TaxBit Tax Center provides an end-to-end solution you can customize to meet your end-users’ needs.

Core Tax Center functionality:

  • Tax Center UI powered by TaxBit real-time API

  • On-demand IRS tax forms (1099-DA, -MISC)

  • Realized Gain/Loss Visibility

  • Transaction history

  • Assets summary

  • Digital Assets education center

Custom Tax Center Functionality:

  • Tax optimization at the lot level

  • On-demand portfolio statements

  • On-demand income & transaction reports

Cryptocurrency Tax Forms + Performance Statements