TaxBit Identity Verification

Streamlined Form W-9 & W-8BEN collection with automated IRS TIN verification.

Form W-9 and W-8BEN Collection

Proactively collect certified end-user data to support IRS Information Reporting

Automated Form W-9 and W-8BEN collection embedded within your web application. Accurate tax identity profiles for every account automatically populates IRS information returns. 

End-User TIN Verification

Reduce operating costs and avoid backup withholding

All collected end-user data is automatically verified against the IRS TIN Matching Database and updated in TaxBit.

Cryptocurrency Tax Forms + Performance Statements
TaxBit Unified Management Center (UMC)

On-Demand Access to All Your End-User Tax Form Data

Tax Identity Verification is accessible through TaxBit UMC, which hosts all crypto transaction data in one dashboard. View the following data for every account: 

  • End-user name, mailing address and TIN

  • TIN status and verification date

  • All current year and historical information returns/portfolio statements 

  • Forms W-9 and W-8

  • Transaction history

  • Assets