2021 Tax Forms for World’s Leading Crypto Companies are Now Free via TaxBit Network

TaxBit Network is democratizing cryptocurrency tax calculations and tax forms to U.S. cryptocurrency users.

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TaxBit, the leading tax and accounting software provider for the tokenized economy, announces the launch of TaxBit Network—the first-of-its-kind network to provide FREE 2021 cryptocurrency tax forms to all users of supported TaxBit Network companies.

Historically, the process of generating cryptocurrency tax forms cost individuals anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year depending on whether they used do-it-yourself software or enlisted an accountant. The TaxBit Network eliminates this barrier to mainstream digital asset adoption; every user of a supported TaxBit Network company receives free, accurate 2021 tax forms

In tandem with the launch of TaxBit Network, many participating platforms will be incorporating a one-click, free TaxBit sign up within their native applications to further simplify access to 2021 tax forms and year-round access to TaxBit’s industry-leading software. 

The TaxBit Network provides users the ability to easily integrate their cryptocurrency exchange, DeFi, and NFT data from over 500+ sources, see their tax calculations line-by-line and aggregate tax positions, and download completed IRS Forms 8949 and Income reports that are ready to upload to popular tax filing software or hand over to an accountant—all for free for users of supported TaxBit Network companies. TaxBit’s team of industry-leading CPAs and tax attorneys have certified the accuracy of tax calculations related to platforms within the TaxBit Network, including reconciling tax forms to all Forms 1099 issued by such platforms. 

Supported TaxBit Network companies even include the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap that's leading the way to enable seamless tax reporting for DEX users.

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Free tax forms are available relating to transactions on supported TaxBit Network platforms. If a user has taxable transactions on platforms that aren't part of the TaxBit Network, a cost will apply to retrieve tax forms from out-of-network platforms. TaxBit is a third-party service; companies included in the TaxBit Network aren't liable for the services provided by TaxBit. See for more details.

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Designed by CPAs and tax attorneys, TaxBit is the leading tax and accounting solution for the tokenized economy. TaxBit's platform serves the industry's top exchanges, institutional investors, governments, and individuals. Our software, tax experts, and excellent customer service can help you solve and subvert roadblocks with new compliance protocols or reporting issues.

TaxBit raised over $230 million from the world's-top investors in order to enable widespread digital asset adoption by automating the regulatory hurdles of tax and accounting compliance at scale. TaxBit has headquarters in Salt Lake City and Seattle. 

Keeping track of dozens of crypto transactions can be a lot of work. As your portfolio becomes more complex, using cryptocurrency tax software becomes increasingly beneficial. Use TaxBit to help track the details of your crypto transactions and automatically generate the necessary tax forms.

TaxBit’s DeFi support allows you to sync in any transfers, trades, and approvals you’ve made on a DeFi platform involving ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, or BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Additional DeFi protocols are coming soon.

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