TurboTax and TaxBit Team Up to Make Filing Crypto Taxes Easy

TaxBit users can receive discounts on TurboTax and unlock valuable crypto tax savings

By: Michael Cohen

Senior Content Strategist

Published on:

TLDR: To provide an even better crypto tax filing experience, TaxBit users can now receive discounts on industry-leading TurboTax products. This program enables our joint customers to file their crypto taxes accurately and cost-efficiently while also unlocking valuable tax savings.

As you begin to file your taxes, we want to help you save money. This year, we’re making our Consumer product completely free – enabling all crypto investors to generate free gain/loss tax forms from a broad array of popular trading platforms. In addition, we are teaming up with TurboTax to help make your tax filing process simple and easy. All existing TaxBit Consumer users have received a link in their email to save $15 on TurboTax Premier products. 

This year, it is more advantageous than ever to claim any crypto losses that you may have realized. You can use these losses to offset other capital gains or even potentially deduct up to $3,000 from your ordinary income. The 8949 tax form provided by TaxBit Consumer will help with all of this. TaxBit Consumer supports the most popular crypto platforms, including our TaxBit Network partners, enabling the vast majority of crypto investors to prepare taxes freely and easily. 

What’s Next for Tax Season?

Users should look forward to next month when your tax forms will be available in TaxBit’s Consumer application. Beginning February 15th, all Crypto 8949 tax forms will be available for download within the TaxBit Consumer App and ready to file with TurboTax, America’s #1 tax prep provider, or your preferred tax preparation service.

We anticipate that the number of customers utilizing TaxBit solutions will increase this year to take advantage of any potential tax benefits from realized losses – and we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible. 

Learn more about the TaxBit Consumer App here

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