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With TaxBit, anyone investing in digital assets can get their forms for free – as they should be

Step 1: Connect your exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols and NFTs.

Step 2: Export them to TurboTax or other tax filing software or download your completed 8949 tax forms.

Consumer Features

Confident Tax Filing

Compliant tax forms for free

If your cryptocurrency platforms are part of the TaxBit Network or other supported platforms, export to TurboTax, your tax service of choice, or download your completed tax forms 8949 for free.

Access your data

Easily connect sources and see real-time implications

Integrate your cryptocurrency data for FREE across exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols, and NFT marketplaces. We do all the data normalization and tax calculations for you, so you can see real-time implications into your cryptocurrency use.

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Easily file your taxes

Export to TurboTax or preferred tax filing software

Export capabilities with Intuit TurboTax and other tax filing software to make filing your taxes even easier and faster. And downloads are always available if necessary.

Customers love using TaxBit

Free Tax Forms, no hidden agenda

Connect your cryptocurrency data, we populate your tax form 8949, and you file your taxes with accuracy and confidence. What you’ll get: 

 ✓ Free 8949s                                     

✓ Income Statements

✓ Unlimited transactions

✓ Customer knowledge base and support  

✓ Simple integrations across popular exchanges and TaxBit Network members                  

✓ Easy export to TurboTax and other tax filing

✓ Optional TaxBit Expert Review starting early March (additional cost)

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