An End-to-End Suite of Tax Services Integrated within your Platform

Technology and accounting firm converge to automate your tax information reporting needs. No matter the variation of 1099, we’ve got you covered. We don’t stop there… We provide your users with a complete tax experience in-app of your platform.

Driving Customer Value and Volume to your Platform

It isn’t enough to deliver your users tax forms at the end of each year. TaxBit’s tax center suite technology provides users with a complete, interactive tax experience in-app of your platform.

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Technology and Professionals that Scale with Your Business

Our CPAs, tax attorneys, and technology professionals become an extension of your team.

One Simple Integration

Avoid spreadsheets and system fragmentation. TaxBit handles everything related to tax information reporting from beginning to end.


Security & Compliance Focused

Data security is of utmost importance to TaxBit. We are independently SOC 2 certified and deeply invest in the security of our infrastructure.

Why TaxBit?

TaxBit doesn’t merely produce and issue tax forms. We integrate technology within your platform to drive customer value and volume to your business.

Best-in-class tax experts

You’d be hard pressed to find CPAs and attorneys closer to the ground on all things related to cryptocurrency taxes. We serve on the tax leadership committee of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and work directly with the IRS and other regulatory bodies through our own relationships. Our tax experts have been exclusive panelists at IRS Virtual Currency Summits and actively work with congressional members of the Blockchain Caucus.

Full Liability Coverage

Experts should always stand behind everything that they do. TaxBit is both an accounting firm and technology provider that takes on full liability for every 1099 that we issue. You don’t need to stress about staying up-to-date on what forms you need to issue, when you need to issue them, and how to accurately compile the information in order to issue them. We take liability for and handle everything from beginning-to-end.

Trusted by the industry

TaxBit has produced and issued more 1099 tax forms relating to cryptocurrency than any provider. We are the first provider to develop cost basis tracking technology in order to appropriately produce and file form 1099-B. Your users will have confidence that the 1099s you file accurately reflect their cryptocurrency activity - no more unnecessary and costly 1099-K audits from the IRS.

Unified 1099 and 8949 tax reporting

TaxBit also has consumer software that provides users with their form 8949. TaxBit integrates with and connects cost basis information across every exchange, reconciles transactions to the 1099s that you issue, and provides users with completed tax forms that are ready to file. All of this happens in-app of your platform, completely transforming your users' experience as related to taxes.

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