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Tax Suite Product Updates — May 2023

Introducing the new Accounts Table, Transaction Details, Form W-8BEN support, and more...

By: Erin Fennimore

VP of Tax Solutions, TaxBit

Published on:

Welcome to our latest newsletter. We are excited to announce the launch of several new features and capabilities in the TaxBit Dashboard including the Accounts Table refresh and the new Transfer Activity page. Finally, 🥁 please, our Digital W9/W8 product now supports Forms W-8BEN and W-BEN-E! 

To experience the new capabilities log into your TaxBit Dashboard, connect with your customer service representative at, access support via email at, or visit our Zendesk help center.

TaxBit Dashboard 

The TaxBit Dashboard serves as the central hub for managing all your essential tax and compliance procedures, as well as storing and organizing your customer's personal information and transactional data. We continue to build out critical capabilities for the TaxBit Dashboard to deliver additional operational efficiency.  

To access your TaxBit Dashboard, sign in here or reach out to your customer service representative at

Accounts Table 

Our latest feature enhances visibility and usability by offering a streamlined view and browsing experience through all the end-user accounts uploaded into TaxBit. The Accounts Table shines a spotlight on account statuses like TIN Status or W9/W8 statuses to provide deep, real-time analysis.

Intuitive filtering further enables sorting to customize your view, enhancing navigation and account management. Explore the possibilities of the Accounts Table and discover a new dimension of managing your Dashboard and Accounts. 

Coming Soon: CSV Export of table data 

Transfer Activity

To provide depth and visibility into transfers we have built a new capability within TaxBit Dashboard that is viewable within the "Transfer Activity" section. The page provides important visibility into all incoming and outgoing transfers, along with additional status details about each. 

The Transfer Activity page will serve as the foundation for Cost Basis Interchange (CBI) for enterprises that embrace digital assets. Members of CBI will soon receive additional functionality and features such as sending/receiving cost basis data.

We currently have over 12 major members committed to Cost Basis Interchange which is the industry-leading solution for eliminating the common "missing cost basis" question that plagues their customers (and customer support teams) today. 

Key Features: 

  • Transfer Activity section in the TaxBit Dashboard for all blockchain transfers

  • Visibility for incoming and outgoing transfers, with additional details about the transfer

  • Shows matches if TaxBit is able to identify the other side of the transfer within the CBI network

  • Filter transfers by dates and statuses 

User Settings

Experience simplicity and security with our new User Settings Page. Access all account details, update your name or password and manage your Multi-Factor Authentication settings effortlessly. 

Digital W9/W8

Our Digital W9/W8 solution can now seamlessly collect and validate Forms W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E for your non-US account holders through our user-friendly Web SDK.  All of the collected data and corresponding form is stored securely within the TaxBit Dashboard for easy retrieval or analysis. 

Experience effortless form collection and validation with TaxBit. 

Other Enhancements

We are excited to announce the release of TaxBit's public workspace, also known as the Postman collection, which has been built to further streamline our customers' implementation process.

Key Features:

  • Fast Start: We have built a dedicated page with instructions for how to set up our Postman workspace. You can access it by clicking on the following link

  • Custom Implementation: Our public Postman workspace is available for forking, allowing our customers to quickly kick-start their implementation process. To access the public workspace, please visit the following link

We hope that this new feature will expedite your implementation and make the integration process even smoother.

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