Eliminate missing cost basis at the source

A crypto industry-wide network to automatically calculate and share transfer statements for accurate cost basis on all transactions.

CBI Features

Cost Basis Interchange at a Glance

TaxBit's Cost Basis Interchange is an automated solution for digital asset brokers to share cost-basis information and file IRS transfer statements.

One Secure Network

Hosts, secures, and organizes

A single secure mechanism to store and access accurate cost basis for all transfers that occur on and off-chain.

Complete and Accurate Data

Solve the missing cost basis challenge

Provide your customers with the most accurate cost basis from within and outside of the CBI network to offer the most accurate view of their holdings and correctly file their taxes.

Flexible Platform

Integrates with your existing approach

Built to enhance your current compliance processes and systems powered by a single easily deployed API.

Workflow Integration
IRS Transfer Statements

Set and forget form generation and filing

Removes the burden to track, verify, and file IRS-required transfer statements for all non-broker transfers for IRS-required Transfer Statements.

Unlock the Benefits of Cost Basis Interchange

Eliminate Missing Cost Basis

With automated cost-basis sharing between all member exchanges, you don’t have to worry about missing cost-basis data for transfers anymore. Gain complete control of your data.

100% Crypto Tax Compliance

Cost Basis Interchange tracks transfers between both brokers and non-brokers while also generating the correct IRS tax forms.

Save Time and Money

Improve your customer experience while reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations leading to lower costs for your organization.