Connecting with Coinbase Pro

TaxBit Makes it Easy to Track and File your Crypto Taxes with Coinbase Pro

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  CSV Support  

Automated syncing with Coinbase Pro API and TaxBit

From your TaxBit account:

  1. Select Add Transactions
  2. Select Add Exchange
  3. Search for and select Coinbase Pro

From your Coinbase Pro account:

  1. Navigate to the API Management page and start the creation of a new API key
  2. Copy and paste the API Passphrase over to TaxBit
  3. Select the "View" permission only and select Create API Key
  4. Submit your 2FA key
  5. Copy and paste the API Secret over to TaxBit and then select Done
  6. Copy and paste the API Key over to TaxBit and then select Link Exchange

Importing a Coinbase Pro CSV into TaxBit

  1. Export a CSV file of your entire transaction history from your Coinbase Pro account on the Statements page. Be sure to get both the Fills and Account exports in CSV format.
  2. Email your CSV into or reach out to our support team with our in app chat widget for next steps

Please Note: If you are importing only your XRP transactions that don't sync over the API, you can do so without emailing TaxBit Support. Simply complete the following steps:

  1. Download your fills report
  2. Select Add Transactions > CSV Import > Select "YES" > Select "Select a CSV"
  3. Select the file you downloaded.

This importer will only import the XRP transactions by default and filter everything else out.