Connecting with eToro

TaxBit Makes it Easy to Track and File your Crypto Taxes with eToro

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Importing a eToro CSV into TaxBit

Click HERE to follow along with a detailed guide for exporting eToro CSV's.

  1. From any page on eToro, open the left-side bar and select "Settings".
  2. From the Settings page, select "Account"
  3. From the Account page, under the "Documents" section, select "View" eToro_3.png
  4. Select the dates for which you would like the export.
  5. Select "Create"
  6. Make sure "Summary" is selected. This is the default option, so you will not need to change this.
  7. Select the XLS button. This will export the report in XLS format.

The file is now ready to be submitted via email to if you need to do so.