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Automated syncing with API and TaxBit

Click HERE for a detailed guide for connecting the API.

  1. Navigate to the API Management Page

  2. Click on the "APIv4 Keys" tab on the left side.

  3. Select +Create New API Key. 

  4. Fill out your API Key details in the following fields.

   a. Fill out your account Remark. This can be anything you wish to label it as. For example: Since this is for your TaxBit account, you can name it "TaxBit." 

   b. Check all options off for Permissions. You'll then select "Read Only" to the right of each permission that is checked. 

   c. You can leave the Whitelist IP blank. TaxBit does not provide a static IP that can be used here.

   d. Once the above steps are set up, go ahead and click “Confirm & Create.”

  1. You'll be prompted to fill the following Security Verification before getting your API credentials.

   a. Enter in the Fund password associated with your account.

   b. Select the 2FA Authentication of your choice. In this example, we have SMS Verification selected. 

   c. Since we have SMS Verification selected in the prior step, we'll want to make sure to select "Get a verification code" in the box. Once the code is received, input the code in the box. 

   d. Select "OK." 

  1. You'll then get a popup allowing you to view your newly created API credentials. This is where you'll locate your API Key and Secret.

   a. You’re able to view your API Key. Document the Key for connecting to TaxBit later, and/or copy the key to enter into the modal if you already have TaxBit open.

   b. You’ll also see your Secret Key. Document the Secret for connecting to TaxBit later, and/or copy the key to enter into the modal if you already have TaxBit open.

Once you have your API Key, API Secret, and API Passphrase you can complete the connection process in TaxBit by selecting the exchange under Add Transactions > Add Exchange > and selecting your exchange.

Importing a CSV into TaxBit

  1. Export or create a CSV file of your entire transaction history from your account.
  2. Plus and Pro user can Email your CSV into for Concierge CSV import support.
    Network and Basic users can manually format a CSV to TaxBit's standard format using the guide found HERE.