Connecting with Nifty Gateway

TaxBit Makes it Easy to Track and File your Crypto Taxes with Nifty Gateway

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  CSV Support  

Automated syncing with Nifty Gateway API and TaxBit

Click HERE to follow along with a detailed guide for connecting the Nifty Gateway API.

From your TaxBit account:

  1. Select Add Transactions

  2. Select Add Exchange

  3. Search for and select Nifty Gateway

  4. Select "Link Exchange"

  5. You will be navigated in a new window to login to Nifty Gateway.

  6. Complete sign-in, and click "Accept" to allow TaxBit to connect your account.

  7. You will be navigated back to TaxBit and see that your account is linked! It will automatically sync your data.


If you have any additional questions or need help with this integration, please reach out to the TaxBit Customer Experience Team at or by using the in app widget.

Importing a Nifty Gateway CSV into TaxBit

  1. Export or create a CSV file of your entire transaction history from your account.
  2. Plus and Pro user can Email your CSV into for Concierge CSV import support.
    Network and Basic users can manually format a CSV to TaxBit's standard format using the guide found HERE.