Real-time IRS Information Return Generation, Reconciliation, and Filing for Every Account

Modernized solution for calculating digital asset cost basis, proceeds and income, generating forms, and filing with the IRS, all in one platform. 

TaxBit Information Reporting supports IRS form generation and filing to ensure regulatory compliance. Simplify your information reporting process to make it easier for your end-users to file their crypto taxes.

Information Reporting Features

IRS Taxpayer Identity Verification

End-To-End IRS Tax Identity Verification, Form Generation and Filing

Automated IRS Tax Identification Number (TIN) verification against the IRS TIN matching database for accurate IRS tax form generation and filing. 

With over 30 million end-user tax forms filed in 2022 across dozens of Enterprise Tax clients, TaxBit Information Reporting scales with accuracy to fit your needs.

Cryptocurrency Tax Forms + Performance Statements
Information Reporting For All Crypto Taxes

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Support for all relevant digital assets IRS tax forms. TaxBit will prepare, review, and file all forms with the IRS.

Supported IRS Tax Forms & Use Cases:

  • Crypto buy/sell (1099-B)

  • Crypto income/staking (1099-MISC)

  • Digital marketplace payments (1099-K)

  • Retirement, IRA (1099-R / 5498)

  • Vendor/contractor (1099-MISC & -NEC)

  • Foreign/NRA Income (1042-S)

  • IRS TIN Verification

TaxBit Unified Management Center (UMC)

On-Demand Access to All Your End-User Tax Form Data

Tax Identity Verification is accessible through TaxBit UMC, which hosts all crypto transaction data in one dashboard. View the following data for every account: 

  • End-user name, mailing address and TIN

  • TIN status and verification date

  • All current year and historical information returns/portfolio statements 

  • Forms W-9 and W-8

  • Transaction history

  • Assets