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The TaxBit Network is an industry-wide program for the most reputable digital asset exchanges, protocols, and marketplaces. We're removing the cost and pain that digital asset retail investors face when preparing their crypto tax forms. Let's advance and grow the tokenized economy.

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TaxBit as a Digital Platform

TaxBit Network for Digital Asset Platforms

Your users shouldn't have to pay to file their crypto taxes

As a certified TaxBit Network Partner, your users will receive FREE Forms 8949 and income reports ready to file with their tax returns. These forms will reconcile to all Forms 1099 issued.

Additionally, as a supported TaxBit Network company, you'll have the ability to link your users' tax data back into your application, so you can build an in-app Tax Center experience for your users. With the recent passing of the crypto tax provision in the Infrastructure Bill, the TaxBit Network is a great first step to help you prepare for full compliance.


TaxBit Network for Individuals

Serving cryptocurrency investors across the entire digital assets ecosystem

Thanks to many supported TaxBit Network companies, it's now FREE and easy for you to generate cryptocurrency tax forms that are ready to file.

As an individual investor, you can link all of your cryptocurrency data across 500+ sources to see the real-time tax impact of your trades. Then, you can generate your Forms 8949 and income reports for FREE, as well as upgrade to a paid account, at your discretion, to access premium account functionalities.

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Unlock the benefits of being a certified TaxBit Network Partner

Save your users time and money

Historically, your users had to pay hundreds of dollars a year to simply generate their crypto tax forms. Not anymore. Your users can now keep their hard-earned crypto gains.

Seamless integration

Get progressive integration with no- to low-touch implementation.

In-app Tax Center progression

As the crypto tax provisions in the Infrastructure Bill become pressing, the TaxBit Network is the first step to integrating full tax functionality in-app on your platform.